8069 ST Moritz


Construction: Hand Welted, Hand sole stitched, 180 degree Norwegian Stitching
Upper Leather: Calf
Color: Vintage tan hatch grain
Lining: Natural
Bottom: Leather Sole, Fiddleback Waist
Shoe Trees: Included
Last: F75

To create your own personalised pair of this style please visit our Made-To-Order page.

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8069 ST Moritz: A Pantheon of Artisan Craftsmanship

Product Overview: The 8069 ST Moritz emerges as a symphony of craftsmanship, an ode to the discerning gentlemen who seek exclusivity in every thread of their attire. Crafted with the meticulous 180-degree Norwegian stitching, this shoe is not just made; it’s sculpted. The vintage tan hatch grain calf leather whispers tales of old-world charm while providing a robust canvas for the modern man’s escapades.

Key Features:

  • Exemplary Hand-Welted Construction: The assurance of endurance, promising a lifetime companion on your sartorial journey.
  • Norwegian Stitching: A 180-degree panorama of precision, offering unparalleled structure and strength.
  • Premium Hatch Grain Calf Leather: Selected for its textured elegance and timeless appeal in a vintage tan that captivates.
  • Natural Lining: For breathability that compliments the shoe’s structural integrity.
  • Leather Sole with Fiddleback Waist: A testament to the fine line between robust functionality and sartorial flair.
  • F75 Last: Ensures a fit that’s as bespoke as it is comfortable, boasting a modern, yet classic, form.

Why 8069 ST Moritz Stands Above: Beyond the 2024 trend towards earthy and warm tones, the ST Moritz strides forward, setting the benchmark for artisanal footwear. They are a testament to the wearer’s uncompromising taste for finesse that’s rooted in tradition yet strides in the contemporary.

Style Compass: The ST Moritz is your ally, whether gracing boardrooms or attending soirées. They are at ease beneath the hem of a bespoke suit or paired with tailored trousers for an ensemble that’s refined yet resonates with personality.

Your Invitation to Elegance: Join the ranks of sartorial excellence; the 8069 ST Moritz, complete with included shoe trees for pristine maintenance, awaits your discernment. Step into the world where every path is a red carpet, and every day is an occasion.

To create your own personalised pair of this style please visit our Made-To-Order page.

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8069 ST Moritz

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