7147 “The Marvel” Split-toe Derby Boots


Construction: Hand Welted, Hand sole stitched
Upper Leather: Calf
Color: Mahogany
Lining: Natural
Bottom: Welted Eton Sole
Shoe Trees: Not included
Last: MR

To create your own personalised pair of this style please visit our Made-To-Order page.


Exquisite Hand Welted Mahogany Split-Toe Derby Boots

Product Overview: Step into a world where classic sophistication meets modern refinement with our Hand Welted Mahogany Split-Toe Derby Boots. Crafted with precision and care, each stitch on the leather soles is a homage to traditional shoemaking, while the sumptuous calf leather upper epitomizes luxury without pretense. The rich mahogany hue of these boots is not just a color but a statement of style that complements any ensemble.

Key Features:

  • Hand Welted Construction: An emblem of durability and comfort, ensuring each step is a testament to time-honored craftsmanship.
  • Select Calf Leather: Sourced for its superior grain and texture, this leather promises endurance and a graceful patina over time.
  • Comfortable Lining: Breathable natural materials provide unparalleled wearability from day to night.
  • Sturdy Leather Sole: Grounding your stride with stability and a polished finish.
  • Refined MR Last: Designed to cradle the foot, offering a contemporary silhouette without forsaking a bespoke feel.

Why Our Derby Stands Out: In an era where fleeting trends are common, our Derby boots stand resolute, championing the perennial allure of earth-toned footwear while delivering a promise of excellence. They are not just shoes but a testament to the connoisseur’s eye for everlasting fashion and functionality.

Style Guide: The versatility of our Derby Boots transcends occasions. Whether it’s commanding attention in the boardroom or exuding casual charm at a weekend brunch, these boots are fashioned for the urbane individual who dresses with intention. Marry them with your tailored suits or let them add sophistication to your denim days – they’re crafted to elevate.

Add to Cart: Join the ranks of those who don’t just walk but make a statement with every step. The Hand Welted Mahogany Split-Toe Derby Boots await their debut in your wardrobe, ready to accompany you on the journey of impeccable style.

To create your own personalised pair of this style please visit our Made-To-Order page.

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    Our lasted hollowed wooden shoe trees are hand-crafted on a per-pair basis and made explicitly for the shoe which they are meant for. In order to maintain your ACME Shoemaker shoes we highly recommend to order the fitting shoe tree. Please contact us to confirm if the shoe tree you need for the corresponding size is in stock.

7147 "The Marvel" Split-toe Derby Boots

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