8008 Split-toe 5 Eyelets Derby


Construction: Hand Welted, Hand sole stitched, Half lining
Upper Leather: Suede
Color: Snuff Janus
Lining: Natural
Bottom: Leather Sole, Beveled Waist
Shoe Trees: IncludedLast: A20+

To create your own personalised pair of this style please visit our Made-To-Order page.

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8008 Split-toe 5 Eyelets Derby: Unveiling a Suede Masterpiece

Product Overview: Presenting the 8008 Split-toe 5 Eyelets Derby, a paradigm of classic footwear reimagined for the sartorially discerning. Its hand-welted construction and meticulous half lining speak to an unparalleled commitment to quality. Swathed in snuff Janus suede, these shoes exude a warmth and richness that is both tactile and visually stunning, suitable for the wardrobe of those with a refined palate in style.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted Excellence: The shoe’s hand welted and sole-stitched composition showcases the epitome of shoemaking artisanship.
  • Premium Suede Upper: The snuff Janus suede offers a supple texture and an invitingly rich hue.
  • Natural Lining: Coupled with the half lining, it provides comfort and an enduring fit.
  • Sleek Leather Sole: Completed with a beveled waist for a silhouette that’s both elegant and robust.
  • Innovative A20+ Last: A nod to the modern with a fit that epitomizes both comfort and style.

Distinctive Appeal: The 8008 Derby isn’t just in step with current trends; it paves the way with a timeless split-toe design and sumptuous suede. It is the perfect companion for the connoisseur who desires a blend of traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic.

Styling Suggestions: Whether it’s a business casual ensemble or an off-duty weekend look, the 8008 Derbys bring a touch of class. They complement a variety of attire, from neatly tailored trousers to smart-casual chinos, effortlessly enhancing every look.

Claim Your Style: Available now, the 8008 Split-toe 5 Eyelets Derby comes complete with shoe trees to maintain their impeccable form. Indulge in the richness of snuff Janus suede and let these Derbys become the cornerstone of your footwear collection.

To create your own personalised pair of this style please visit our Made-To-Order page.

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8008 Split-toe 5 Eyelets Derby

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